Scars Treatments Reviews

2011 Comparison of the Leading Scars Treatments

We have researched the marketplace to help consumers select the best treatment solution for their scars. We identified 3 products over the last year that met all of our criteria – fast acting, no discomfort, no harmful side effects, and excellent results. All 3 of the products below were extremely effective and had a high customer rating.

Our review criteria are based on effectiveness, price, ingredients, consumer feedback, availability, response time of customer service and product guarantee. If you would like to share your own opinion of these, or other related products, please contact customer service to complete a review.

Rank Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Products Scarinex Talsyn-ci Revitol
Overall Rating to to to
Within 48 hours

Within 3-5 days

Within a week
Very knowledgeable
and supportive


Very supportive
Success Rate 98% 85% 79%
Return Policy Risk free Risk free Risk free
Average Price (based on 4 bottles) $24.95 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$39.95 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$37.47 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
Overall Value Very Effective Very Good Good
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
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#1 Ranked Scars Product

Scarinex Review

Product Claims

Scarinex is the most effective scarinex treatment available.

Scarinex ranks as our top product for a number of reasons.  The first reason is that it works toward alleviating all types of scars, not just a select few.   It also comes with a double action attack plan that will not only lessen the appearance of scars, but will also rejuvenate your skin so that it looks more natural; like a scar never even occurred.  Only Scarinex does that for you.

Scarinex contains nothing but 100% silicone and you can rest assured that it is never diluted with water or any other unnecessary chemicals or fillers.  Not only has this product been tested in over fifty studies, the silicone used in Scarinex is the same type of silicone that doctors and plastic surgeons use in their practices to help patients lessen the effect of a scar.

Users have reported seeing changes in their scars appearance in as little as a few days, however, it will depend on the size, color and depth of your scar.  Be patient though and you will see your scar begin to fade.

Scarinex is completely safe!

Manufactured in a United States FDA licensed laboratory, Scarinex is recommended by doctors. Not only will your scars begin to fade, but you are also treated to healthy skin rejuvenation in the process. It is a two step process that is completely safe for you to use. Scarinex works with your body’s natural healing process to make scars less noticeable giving you the confidence you need to carry on throughout your day.

Scarinex can be used to help prevent scarinex, too!

Scarinex can also be used safely and long term by those who need it.  It is an invisible protective barrier across the scar lessening chances of further injury to the scar.

Health Analysis

While you are using Scarinex, you will see your scars begin to lessen over time and your skin will look and feel healthier.  Using only the finest and safest ingredients in its manufacturing, Scarinex will give you the results you need without any side effects to go along with it.
Overall Grade: to

#2 Ranked Scars Product

Talsyn-ci Review

Product Claims

Another good product on the market for help with lessening the appearance of scars is Talsyn Scar Cream.  Unlike our top product, Talsyn does not treat all of the many different types of scars, only a select few of them.  While it does help
to alleviate the scarring that has occurred on your skin, it generally takes
several days for users to notice a difference in their skins appearance.

This product can be used long term without any harmful side effects and contains
several key ingredients for help in the repairing of skin; however, this product
does not contain the silicone that is vital in the repair of skin that has been

Health Analysis

Talsyn is formulated to help users decrease the appearance of scars on the body,but lacking the important ingredient contained in our top pick, silicone; theproduct is just not as effective.
Overall Grade: to

#3 Ranked Scars Product

Revitol Review

Product Claims

Another good product on the market for help with lessening the appearance of scars is Revitol Scar Cream. However, this product is more for the folks who want anti-aging products. Unlike our top product, Revitol will not help lessen the signs of scarring since it is not specifically formulated for that purpose.

Users of Revitol do not notice the signs of use for sometimes as long as a week, however, this product can be used long term without any harmful side effects and contains several key ingredients for help in repairing the skin. While it has a few key ingredients for helping to improve the way your skin looks, it does not focus on skin that has been scarred.

Health Analysis

Revitol is formulated to make your skin look and feel better, but using it for the sole purpose of decreasing the appearance of scars would be disappointing, to say the least. It is a good product for what it is manufactured for, but if you are looking to reduce scarring, this probably is not the best choice for you.

Overall Grade: to