Scarring Overview

Commonly Asked Questions about Scarring

A lot of parents will wonder why the scar on their child’s knee is red. Red is the normal color for new scar tissue. Different people will experience different shades of red. When the wound is in the process of healing small blood vessels are created that will supply the affected area with nutrients. The reddening will continue for several months. You may notice that the scarring process reaches a peak at which point the tissue may feel tough and stiff after which it will gradually fade. In time the scar will become a flat white line.

About Scarring

Once we have a scar it is with us for life. Fortunately once the scar is mature, a process that takes 12 to 18 months, it will hardly be noticeable. It does vary from person to person, but generally they become a small thin line. Some people believe that certain agents such as cocoa butter, vitamin E or aloa vera will make scars disappear. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. If people apply these agent to the scar during the 12 – 18 month maturing period then it will look as if the product is having an effect whereas is in reality it is the simply the normal healing process. Although not recommended for healing scar tissue, if you choose to use one of these products there should be no ill effects.

The Scars Appearance

If you want to improve the appearance of a scar the best remedy is to wait. Use sunscreen to protect scars while they are in their healing phase. If your scar gets sunburnt before it has matured you may end up with permanent excess color.

After 18 Months

After the 18 months maturing period, when the scar has become soft and white, there will likely be no further changes. If it is a particularly large scar on a visible area of the body you may want to consider cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will reopen the scar and attempt to close it so that when scarring reoccurs it will only be a thin white line. You may also want to consider cosmetic surgery for keloid scars. This scar tissue is created when the scar tissue continues to grow for many months and sometimes even years. The final appearance is usually hard, red and raised. This kind of scarring is very rare but can be reduced through cosmetic surgery.

Rips and Tears

Accidents do happen. Our skin is the cloth that covers our organs. If it gets gouged, ripped, burnt or torn, it doesn’t look or feel as nice as it did originally. Sometimes the scars are not in visible to onlookers. In other situations the scars are very visible and can take a toll on the person’s confidence. There are many variables that will determine your scars characteristics. Things like age, gender, genetics, and ethnicity will all play role. If you are worried about scarring during the process of maturing then rest assured that eventually the appearance will improve. If 18 months have passed and you are still not comfortable with the appearance, then it is time to make an appointment to see a cosmetic surgeon.